4 reasons for the lack of use of Procedural Audio in video games.

Earlier this month, I wrote an article about how procedural audio can be an efficient way to implement sound in video games. Check the article here. Procedural audio shows potential for designing sound for large virtual environments including creature voices, weather, and background sound. That said, audio samples remain the most popular way to implement … More

AI & Mixing Podcast

Last week, I wrote an article about some of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the audio industry. This week, I am sharing a podcast that I’ve created with two other students (Adam Harper and Tim Harrison) about the current and future use of Artificial Intelligence for audio mixing. AI is definitely going to revolutionise … More

Procedural Audio: an efficient way to design sound for video games?

The creation and implementation of sound in video games can be achieved using two different methods; procedural audio or audio samples. You have probably heard of ‘Audio Samples’ but what about ‘Procedural Audio’? Procedural Audio. Procedural audio, first introduced in the early 1980’s by arcade manufacturers with game such as Pac Man, is the creation … More

Artificial Intelligence and the audio industry.

Artificial Intelligence has been a source for debates for a long time and continue to be with the development of new technologies. From self-driving cars, autonomous robots, virtual assistants and so on, AI is impacting our reality in numerous ways. AI is also becoming an important research area in the audio industry. In this article, … More


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